recycling_banner Residents who live in the Clarion Borough can participate in the Borough Recycling Program. Feel free to download the 2023 Recycling Calendar for information on pick-up dates and instructions on the program.

For residents of Clarion Township, there is a recycling pick-up that happens twice a year; first one is held in the Spring and the second happens in the Fall. Information about the dates and times can be found in the Clarion News or by listening to C93 Radio.

Various township buildings throughout the county will accept recycling in their on-site bins on a limited basis or on special “Clean-Up Days”. Check your local township or borough municipal building for the existence or location of such bins.

Clarion County will hold two Recycling Days, one in the Spring and the second in the Fall at the Clarion County Park. They will accept electronics and other recyclables at both events.  Check back for dates and time!

Advanced Disposal offers a recycling drop-off at their Paint Township location. Contact Advanced Disposal at 814-226-4602 for more information.