Cook Forest Conservancy Series: Japanese Knotweed – Information on This Clarion River Invasive

Please meet at MacBeth’s Cabins for an overview on the threats posed by the non-native invasive Japanese Knotweed, and the complications of treating it.  Program presented by Tricia Mazik of the Clarion County Conservation District.  The Cook Forest Conservancy will have information sheets, treatment schedules, and invasive plant contractor info to hand out to local landowners.  This year, we’re focusing on the Clarion river running downstream from the RT 36 bridge at Cooksburg.  Anyone is welcome to attend sessions.  A session on June 12 will cover mid-summer cutting to weaken the plant and make treatment easier.  A Fall session will demonstrate application of herbicide with backpack sprayers. 


May 15 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Cook Forest State Park


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